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Our Story

With Great Designing Comes Great Responsibility

Vinara Homes was founded in 2017 by passionate souls looking to make their mark in the world of interior design. Led by a team of creative minds and built on a commitment to professionalism, empathy and transperancy, Vinara Homes has held tight to their motto of creating something special since day one.


Rachana Thimmaiah

Head Designer & Co-founder

Design team led by Rachana, who possesses a creative mind and an eye for detail, focuses on functionality and ensures your new space will be as practical as it is attractive. Her love for colors, great listening skills and ability to adapt to your specific requirements, she is dedicated to providing you with the perfect interior design solution


Vinay Reddy

Chief Executive & Co-founder

Our execution team led by Vinay, whose soft-spoken demeanor and problem-solving mind-set sets the standard for the team. He possesses a creative flair, patience and calm demeanor, as well as the people skills to make each project a success.

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